Svof Tattoo Inker

This script simplifies the process of inking tattoos! Does your tattoos, and tattoos for other people - and allows queueing up of several tattoo orders at once, so you can do a newbies set all with one command, for example. It outrifts inks, the body for a free location, and inks the tattoo. Also touches tattoos requiring activation, or if its for someone else, tells them which tattoos to touch at the end. Does ink on the back bodypart as well.

If inking gets interrupted, it’ll show a warning, wait a bit, and resume inking again.

You can also use vconfig telltouch to tell people to touch the tattoos that need touching after inking.


ink <tattoos>
Inks the given tattoos on yourself - outrs the inks, pauses the system, and automatically touches at the end. You can queue several tattoos to be inked at once by separating them with a comma - ink boar will ink one tattoo on you, while ink boar, moss, moon will ink several!
ink <tattoos> on <person>
Inks the given tattoos on somebody else, and then tells whem which to touch at the end that need activation (if telltouch option is on)


Same as the alias, starts an inking order either on you or yourself.